Our difference

Two-winged fruit was established by a scientist with a passion for the environment. We trust you will adore our unique, gentle and luxurious formulations. Our products:

  • are certified palm oil free by Orangutan Alliance (and we are a Palm Oil Investigations approved brand)
  • are Australian made (most are hand crafted) using our own recipes.
  • are 100% natural, with essential oils for scents, clays for colour and natural preservatives
  • are accredited cruelty free by Choose Cruelty Free
  • feature certified organic ingredients
  • feature Australian native ingredients
  • where possible contain locally grown ingredients and locally produced packing materials to reduce our carbon footprint
  • are packaged with thought to the environment using recycled, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable materials
  • support non-profit organisations in rainforest conservation, with 5% online sales donated to Orangutan Foundation International Australia and 1% profits donated to Rainforest Rescue
  • are beautiful to use, as attested by many happy customers.

Our founder

Two-winged fruit began as a result of founder Maretta’s struggle to find palm oil-free skin care products. Maretta was alarmed to learn that the worldwide demand for palm oil, which is used to make over 200 ingredients found in every day products, is a leading cause of rainforest destruction. She was dismayed to find that even products with labels such as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ contained ingredients derived from palm oil.

Maretta, who has a PhD in organic chemistry, became empowered to develop her own palm oil-free skin care recipes in her home kitchen on the Gold Coast that were both environmentally sustainable and lovely to use for herself and her family.

Our name

Two-winged fruit is the translation, from Greek, of the name of a large family of rainforest trees, called dipterocarpaceae (di = two, pteron = wing and karpos = fruit). These trees make up much of the native rainforest in places like Borneo and Sumatra.

Sadly, millions of hectares of virgin rainforest have been opened up for palm oil plantations. This is having a devastating effect on biodiversity, destroying the homes of orangutans and many other rainforest animals and plants. If that wasn’t bad enough, the clearing of rainforests is also causing soil erosion, terrible air pollution and contributing to climate change.

The name two-winged fruit symbolises the precious natural environments that we strive to help protect.