Introducing our certified palm oil free shampoo

certified palm oil free shampoo

I am unbelievably excited to release Two-winged fruit’s new product – Nerolina and hemp shampoo. As with all of our products it is certified palm oil free and 100% natural.

A labour of love…

To make a shampoo that is lovely to use, genuinely palm oil free and all natural has been my biggest challenge yet in my Two-winged fruit journey. Along the way, I discovered that nearly all natural surfactants (being the key ingredient for a conventional hair shampoo) are made using palm oil.

If you’d like to read more about how palm oil sneaks into so much of our skin care products (including most shampoos), I invite you to read another blog post here.

After many months of effort in sourcing quality, palm oil free, all natural ingredients, and formulating a recipe in consultation with family and friends willing to give me critical feedback, I arrived at a product of which I am very proud. I hope you will love it!

It’s gentle on you…

Here’s how our shampoo is great for you:

  • It’s made using a very gentle formula with mild natural surfactants based on Australian canola oil and coconut oil. This makes is suitable for daily use by children and grown-ups alike.
  • It contains organic aloe vera and Australian grown organic hemp seed oil that will help to keep your hair strong and shiny.
  • It is naturally scented with essential oils with beneficial properties, not to mention a delicious aroma. Featured are Australian bush natives Nerolina and Australian sandalwood essential oils, which are great for promoting a healthy scalp.
  • For best results (and especially if your hair is more difficult to manage) I suggest following with treatment with a natural hair conditioner.

It’s great for the planet…

Our shampoo is good for the environment and communities too because it:

  • is certified palm oil free by Orangutan Alliance, You can be rest assured that there is absolutely no palm oil anywhere near this shampoo, leaving the world’s beautiful rainforests unharmed.
  • is packaged in a post-consumer recycled PET bottle, made locally in Australia in a carbon neutral factory. The packaging is helping fight the war on waste!
  • is made from ingredients that are 100% natural, readily available (i.e. we are not using ingredients made from endangered plants), and biodegradable.
  • is made using a high proportion of locally produced ingredients and in all Australian made packaging. In this way we are supporting the local farming and manufacturing industries.
  • has a minimal carbon footprint due to the high quantity of Australian ingredients, all Australian packaging, and the shampoo itself being manufactured locally too.
  • supports the work of our charity partners, Orangutan Foundation International Australia and Rainforest Rescue.


2 thoughts on “Introducing our certified palm oil free shampoo

  1. Maree Martin says:

    Hi !!my name is Maree and i have a big problem with oily hair i have asked hairdressers but they just want to sell me all types of shampoo i am reaching out for help of how to manage my oily hair problem oh l am very desperate for any help you can give

  2. Dr Maretta Mann says:

    Hi Maree, thanks for reaching out. I have oily hair too and I deal with it by washing it more often e.g. every second day. Also, if using hair oil or our hair balm, use very sparingly and avoid the hair roots. I’ve found that the best method for my hair is, after shampoo treatment, to apply a small amount of hair balm to the hair ends while still in the shower, then rinse off. This leaves my hair feeling soft but not greasy. I hope this helps.

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