The creation of an eco friendly castile soap

castile soap

Traditional castile soap is based on 100% olive oil. These days a variety of vegetable oils can be used. Unfortunately some castile soaps contain palm oil, the production of which is destroying tropical rainforests.

The story behind our body wash

Some people love using bar soap in the shower, others prefer a liquid body wash.

Unfortunately most body wash products contain palm oil or derivatives of palm oil, including some based on castile soap. The majority of body wash products contain synthetic ingredients that can also be harmful to people or the environment.

When several customers asked me if I could create a body wash for Two-winged fruit’s palm oil free and all natural range, I took up the challenge.

I created Two-winged fruit’s body wash to provide an all natural, eco friendly alternative that is also lovely to use.

Two-winged fruit’s bush mint and rose geranium body wash adds a little bit of natural, eco luxury for your daily routine. It is a modern Australian variation of the traditional castile soap and, like everything Two-winged fruit, it is certified palm oil free.

A labour of love

Making a hand crafted castile soap is a labour of love. In the beginning, I made the body wash on my stove in a double boiler. It would take me between 8 hours and two days of cooking for the lye to convert the oils into soap in a process called saponification. The end result was a 5 litre batch of castile soap.

It wasn’t long before I realised that in order to keep up with demand I needed to outsource the manufacture on a larger scale. Nowadays our body wash is made by a local manufacturer strictly to our custom recipe. It would probably be fair to say that they do a better job of making it than I did, it is really a beautiful product.

bulk certified palm oil free body wash

What’s in Two-winged fruit’s body wash?

  • Saponified oils (certified organic coconut, Australian olive, castor and jojoba) – we created our blend to create a balanced product with gently cleansing, nourishing and moisturising properties.
  • Vegetable glycerine – this is palm oil free and of vegetable origin (vegan friendly) and provides hydrating and anti-ageing properties.
  • Australian balm mint bush essential oil – a truly uplifting, refreshing and unique oil.
  • Rose geranium essential oil – divinely sweet and a reminder of rose.
  • Peppermint essential oil – refreshing and adds a delightful tingle.
  • Lavender essential oil – a most versatile oil that is reported to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Mandarin essential oil – known for its skin healing properties as well as its delightful aroma.
  • Cardamom essential oil – a natural antibacterial and skin conditioning oil.

What do our customers have to say?

In her recent product review, Aldeana says:

This is a luxurious, decadent body wash. It smells divine and feels cool and tingly on your skin. I also love that the pump bottle is refillable – eco and pampering – what more could you want!

Our body wash is available in two sizes, 200ml or a 1 litre bulk refill pack.

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