How to buy the perfect eco gift

Can you relate to feeling pressured at Christmas to buy a whole load of rather meaningless stuff that will contribute to trashing the planet? I know I have felt that way.

I believe it is possible to buy ethical and eco gifts that will be truly well received and, as the gift giver, you can also feel happy that you have made a positive impact on the planet.

Of course, gift giving doesn’t have to involve buying something ready made. Hand made gifts made with love by the gift giver can often trump all.

Where you’re looking to purchase a gift for your loved ones, here are some tips for making it eco friendly.

Tips to purchasing planet friendly gifts

Make it useful

When buying gifts, whether it be for Christmas, a birthday, or another occasion, think about your recipient and try to buy something that will be useful. If you’re unsure exactly what they might like, then a gift voucher can be a good option.

Make it meaningful

A gift can be made meaningful because of how it is made, who made it, where it was made and how it relates to the recipient.

Buy local

Locally made products tend to have a smaller carbon footprint, especially if they’re made using locally sourced raw materials. I love supporting Australian owned brands and knowing that I am giving back to my community.

Get to know the brand

It is quite easy these days to get to know even a small brand. You can follow them on social media, join their email newsletter lists, or read about them on their website. I often follow a brand for some time before I decide if I like what they stand for. I like to know things like:

  • Where are the products made (Australia or overseas?)?
  • Who makes the products? Are the manufacturers treated fairly?
  • What are the products made of? Are they made from sustainably sourced materials?
  • Where do the raw materials come from? Are they local or sourced from overseas?
  • Is the brand locally owned?
  • What does the brand value? Do they support worthy charities?

If a brand’s values align with your own then, if you’re like me, you will feel great pleasure in supporting them for your Christmas shopping.

Through conscious gift purchasing, your money is supporting positive actions, in the making of environmentally friendly and ethical products. Also, when you make purchases from local, ethical businesses, you are supporting the people behind them, their families and their vision to make the world a better place.

It gives me a good feeling when I know that I am buying gifts that contribute positively to people and the environment.

Why choose Two-winged fruit this Christmas?

At Two-winged fruit, we have made it easy for you to purchase ethical, eco friendly, Australian gifts.

Our products are:

  • created on Australia’s Gold Coast
  • 100% natural, with no nasties anywhere in sight
  • contain certified organic ingredients
  • feature Australian native and locally grown ingredients
  • accredited by Choose Cruelty Free
  • certified palm oil free, meaning that they’re not harming rainforests
  • supporting rainforest conservation charities – Orangutan Foundation International Australia and Rainforest Rescue.

Our products are designed for every day use by men, women and children. Naturally scented with essential oils, they add luxury to your every day.

Gift ideas at Two-winged fruit

We can dress up gifts for Christmas, birthdays, to say thank you, or for any occasion.

We have ready-made gift boxes and gift vouchers.

Curated gift packs

Our Two-Winged To You gift pack is a beautiful combination of some of our favourite products:

  • Aloe vera & macadamia hand cream
  • Lemongrass & eucalyptus hand wash
  • Chunky bar soap (your choice of one of our three flavours)
  • Australian sandalwood & mandarin lip balm

Our Teacher’s Pet gift pack, as the name suggests, makes a great thank you gift for teachers. This pack is the perfect hand and body combo and contains:

  • Lemongrass & eucalyptus hand wash
  • Chunky bar soap (your choice of one of our three flavours)

Gift cards

Our gift cards can be purchased to suit your budget. They are a great option to allow your gift recipient to make their own choice of products. They are delivered by email so they’re also great for last minute purchases.

Custom gift packs

We are also very happy to make up a gift pack of products of your choice. If you’d like to do this, please get in touch using our contact form to tell us what you’d like and we will be happy to honour your special request.

I hope these ideas might help you out this Christmas!



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