Ethical gifts for a greener love

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we are delighted to be included in the ultimate Ethical Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

The Ethical Valentine’s Day Gift Guide showcases 30 stores and over 80 pages of earth friendly, sustainable goodness to demonstrate a greener love.

The Guide is the brainchild of Petria, Founder of Coco Rose Interiors. Petria says she believes that love should always be celebrated but the over consumption during Valentine’s Day doesn’t sit well with her. The Guide’s purpose is for celebration of the special person in your life with an encompassing love for the environment as well.

The Guide is a very thoughtful collection of Australian branded Self Care, Femme and Practical items and as well as showcasing products it also tells the story behind the featured brands as to how they came to be.

Valentine's Day ethical gift guide featuring 30 ethical brands

About Coco Rose Interiors

Coco Rose Interiors is a Brisbane-based company, with a stunning collection of handcrafted premium bohemian home decor made from raw, earthy materials such as macrame, rattan, wood, shell and bamboo. They have a very tasteful collection of pot holders, furniture, cushions, rugs and much more to create a home that is in touch with nature.

Greener gift packs

Did you know that we have gift packs for all occasions? Plus if you’re looking for a special combination of products different to our standard packs, we are always happy to receive custom orders.

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