Palm oil free is the new cruelty free

With the rise in awareness and concern about impact of our lifestyle on animals, I’ve been really pleased to see fellow advocates of the notion that “if its not palm oil free, its not cruelty free”.

Choosing cruelty free in Australia

Choose Cruelty Free Ltd (CCF) is the Australian-based non-profit organisation campaigning to ban animal testing on personal care, cosmetics and other household products. We are proud to be an accredited cruelty free brand by CCF.

The Choose Cruelty Free List

CCF also makes it easy for consumers to choose verified cruelty free products through its Choose Cruelty Free List. The brands on the list are free from animal testing even where it is required by law, for example in China. Two-Winged Fruit successfully completed CCF’s extensive survey and checks on all of our ingredients and manufacturing processes in order to be included on the CCF List.

In consideration of the welfare of wild animals

The term “cruelty free” initially focused on the welfare of laboratory animals. CCF’s position is that animal testing is completely unnecessary to protect the consumer and only ingredients that are known to be safe for humans should be included in new products.

But what about the welfare of wild animals? Is it not cruelty when they are killed as a result of production of personal care and household products? Until recently there has been no consideration of them in the definition of “cruelty free”.

In tropical regions of the world, rainforests are being destroyed at alarming rates to grow palm oil plantations. The palm oil is converted into over 500 ingredients that are found widely in processed food, personal care and household products. This activity wipes out the natural habitat of entire ecosystems that are brimming with wildlife.

CCF recognises palm oil free certified brands

I’m really pleased that with the rising awareness of the impact of the palm oil industry on wildlife, organisations such as CCF are formally recognising certified palm oil free brands.

Now palm oil free brands that have been certified by Orangutan Alliance are being formally recognised by CCF.

You can find palm oil free brands on the CCF list indicated by “pof” next to the brand name, as shown in the picture below.

Two-Winged Fruit’s range is proudly certified palm oil free, accredited cruelty free and mostly vegan (our honey & oats soap contains raw honey). You can be confident that you are not harming laboratory animals and wild animals when you shop with us!

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