Are your products natural?

Yes, absolutely no nasties come anywhere near us!

Our products contain natural preservatives, they’re fragranced with essential oils and coloured with clay. They are also completely biodegradable and safe for the environment.

As far as we know, our products would meet the criteria for natural certification by COSMetics Organic and natural Standard (COSMOS).

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

We have had a lot of very positive feedback from customers with sensitive skin saying that they find our products very gentle and soothing.

Even natural skincare has the potential to cause adverse reactions, so we do recommend patch testing any products.

Be aware that our soap is just that – real soap – so it will be unsuitable for anyone needing a soap free cleanser.

You are welcome to contact us with any queries or concerns.

Do you do refills of your liquid hand soap and body wash?

Due to customer requests, we are now stocking refills for both our liquid hand soap and body wash, so that you can re-use your foaming pump dispensers several times.

Are your products cruelty free?

Yes, Two-winged fruit is proud to be an accredited Choose Cruelty Free brand.

Are your products vegan?

Almost all of our products are vegan. The only exception is our honey & oats bar soap, in which we use raw honey from a small local hobby farm.

How can I be sure your products are really palm oil free?

Two-winged fruit’s products are certified palm oil free by Orangutan Alliance, and we are also a POI approved brand. This means that we have absolutely no palm oil or palm oil derivatives in our products.

Do you use environmentally friendly packaging?

We are a highly environmentally conscious company and therefore consider the environment in every aspect of our business, including packaging. All of our products are packaged in recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging, including when packing them for shipping.

Minimal packaging used at all times

We avoid using unnecessary additional packaging.

Post-consumer packaging where possible

Our shampoo and hair balm come in 100% post consumer recycled bottles, and our bar soaps are wrapped in 100% post consumer recycled paper labels.

Recyclable tubes and bottles

Our hand cream, liquid hand soap, body wash, deodorant and lip balm are packaged in recyclable containers, and we offer refills for our liquid hand soap and body wash.

Bulk options for retail stockists

We can supply our liquid hand soap and body wash in bulk for purchase by retail stores or other wholesale buyers (e.g. for hotels, restaurants), for refilling our dispensers.

Environmentally conscious shipping packaging

When shipping products that have been purchased online, we use recycled tissue paper and gift tags, biodegradable string, recycled plastic or biodegradable paper packing tape, recycled magazines or newspaper as filler, and recyclable cardboard shipping cartons.

Environmentally conscious gift wrapping

For special occasion gift wrapping we use recycled card gift tags, biodegradable jute drawstring bags and biodegradable cotton ribbon or hemp string.

Are your products organic?

Although we do use some organic ingredients, we also use other criteria for selecting ingredients. Every ingredient we use is carefully researched and sourced to create products of exceptional quality. In choosing our ingredients we consider several factors:


We prefer to source locally grown and produced ingredients. With less far for them to travel to get to us, this reduces our carbon footprint. We also believe in the value to communities of supporting local producers.


We care about sourcing ethical ingredients. As an example, we use extra virgin organically grown coconut oil from an Australian-Fijian company whose motto is ‘trade not aid’ and they work to empower Fijian indigenous communities.

Australian native

We feature Australian native ingredients from ethical and environmentally sustainable sources.


Some of our main ingredients are certified organic, including coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera.

Is your skincare range Australian Certified Organic?

No. There are several reasons for this:

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and analogous international organisations do not currently require products to be palm oil free. This is quite contradictory to our primary concern and raison d’etre to create products that are environmentally sustainable. The palm oil industry is a major cause of widespread destruction of tropical rainforests. We feel strongly that in order to be rainforest friendly requires products to be palm oil free.

We are currently not an old enough company to be in a position to apply for ACO certification. It is also a very costly process with a high administrative burden that for a very small business like ours is currently out of our reach. We prefer to keep our costs down so that we can provide high quality products at affordable prices.

OK, so they’re good for the environment, are they nice to use?

We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from customers, who rave about the quality of our products. Please read our testimonials page and website and Facebook reviews!