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Join our Zero Waste Club and return your bottles to get a refill. Let’s work together to reduce waste.

It’s so easy to go palm oil free and zero waste – here’s how it works:

  • Purchase any bulk products in our Zero Waste Club category.
  • Join the Zero Waste Club by adding a compostable reply-paid mailer to your order.
  • You will also receive a discount code with your order for your re-fill.
  • When you’ve emptied your bottle, re-order using the discount coupon code we sent you to re-fill your own bottle.
  • Return your empty bottle in the compostable mailer.
  • Receive your refill in your own bottle!

PLEASE NOTE that due to hygiene reasons:

YOUR BOTTLE REMAINS YOURS. You must return your own bottle for us to refill it with your re-order. We will never send product to customers in a bottle that is not their own.

DO NOT RETURN BOTTLES UNLESS YOU ARE RE-ORDERING. Any bottles returned to us without a re-order being placed from that same person will be disposed of.